RS Cyber Security Solution

“Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT”

RSnet focused on keeping our customer organization secure by leveraging Cyber security products and services. RSnet expertise extends to security gap assessments, consulting, implementation, managed services, networking & remediation

Network Penetration Testing

Security Assessment Services test key aspects of a customer’s environment for flaws that could be taken advantage of. The objective is to build strategies that help secure and protect the environment. RSnet first performs a Vulnerability Assessment against the identified infrastructure to highlight vulnerabilities that an attacker might use to compromise the integrity of the systems at the organization. RSnet then performs various Penetration Tests in order to better understand and improve upon the organization’s present security posture.

Network Penetration Testing is one of RSnet requested Security Consulting Service offerings. This service is usually conducted in one of two possible scenarios:

Internal Pentester

External Pentester

Network / System Security Audit

RSnet Security Audit Service is an assessment of how well a security policy within Client Company being enforced. We will help ensure that installed technologies and applications on your network are implemented securely in accordance with directions and guidelines written in your security policy. Our security audit service emphasizes strongly on two main areas: network, system devices and software.

RSnet offers security audit for a wide range of system devices and technologies. Our security audit covers but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Policy Audit
  • Firewall Audit
  • Internal Network Audit
  • Host Security Audit
  • External Network Audit
  • Remote Access Audit
  • Internet Audit
  • Wireless Audit

Security Implementation & Maintenance

The security implementation will be carried out by Consultants and Engineers who have extensive knowledge in the selected product.

The configuration of the security design and implementation will be strictly based on the vulnerabilities, risks, and security policies identified during the Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment plan.

RSnet will then carry out assessment quarterly or upon changes in your organization to ensure:

  • The security controls are fine-tuned and work in according to business and function requirements.
  • The designed security architecture can withstand the latest attacks or threats.
  • The security implementations are well maintained and up-to-dated.

Defense-in-depth security strategy refers to multiple layers of Protective, Detective, and Reactive/Responsive security controls implemented at different layers of an Information System (IS).